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How to Learn Violin

The question of how to learn violin is answered largely by personal preferences and styles.  Your budget and mindset also come into play when making this decision.

In this post we will be discussing your primary options, along with the pros and cons of each.

There are two main categories, and a couple of options below each.  The first category is self-taught.  The second is taught by a teacher or instructor in person.

Self Taught

Those who are looking into these options will generally be faced with more personal challenges and fewer financial ones.  For self taught you only need to buy one set of materials and you never need to pay for them again.  The individual lesson costs otherwise can rack up some serious dollars over time.  The personal problems come when you need to be disciplined in your scheduling and practicing, not giving up.

With these you can practice or review what you’ve learned any time and any where.

The options under this category include various books and manuals, videotapes (for those who still have VHS), DVDs (slightly more expensive) and online violin lessons.

How to learn violin cheapest overall is through violin lessons online, as they can be complete courses covering a wide range of topics and skills.  To learn about some of the best options for these, visit our home page below.

Reviews of the Top Violin Lessons Online

Pro/Con Bullet Summary


-Cheapest option

-Can be reviewed and practiced any time



-You have to judge your own progress

-You have to motivate yourself (or at least be creative)

Teacher Taught (in person)

With this option, you have direct, immediate feedback for private lessons.  This is often of less benefit in groups, though the group option is cheaper, often at about half the price.  These help to keep you scheduled and on the right track.  Teachers can help to keep you from getting discouraged while you’re trying to learn.  Generally you have to drive to and from your lessons at a specific place though.  You can theoretically learn via webcam, but that’s rare.

For more information on finding personal violin teachers, you may find this site useful.

How to Find a Violin Teacher

Pro/Con Bullet Summary


-Immediate feedback from a professional (or whatever skill level of teacher you’ve chosen)

-Paced expectations and some help with motivation


-Expensive over time

-Can only be reviewed in memory (or notes)

-Have to be in a certain place to learn

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The Way To Play Violin For Novices – Bowing And Touching Techniques

Once you have realized the basic principles of how to play the violin for novices, which is about the alignment of you and also the violin, it s time to start gaining knowledge of actually how to play it. You need to learn both bowing and touching positions with regards to the violin.

There are two different ways to get remarks from the violin and you may need to know both to properly learn how to play violin for novices. The first is playing by plucking the sequences, which is known as pizzicato and can be written that way in your sheet of music. When it comes to plucking the strings, you need to be careful not to get it done with your fingernails and forever use the patches of your hands – usually your sign and midsection fingers.

Now it comes to learning to play with the bend. You will need to fasten the bend coat before you start however you should always ensure that you do not fasten it an excessive amount of – an excessive amount of tension results in scratchy noises. It will take time to get a proper note once you first use the bow so be prepared to apply. Get a appropriate violin lesson Singapore

Once you hold the bend, a lot of the strain should be on your sign touch, which will sits on the top of your bend. You finger and other hands are utilized to steady it. Even your hand shall be had the need to steady the bottom of the bend. You need to place your thumb within the corner of the bow and keep your fingers light with the it.

When you start using the bow, you intend to concentrate on the sound that you re getting out. The tone should be obvious but this will take a lot of long actions to obtain the positioning of the bow right. You ll need a little bit of pressure at the strings but try not to employ too much – you will need to really do the decide so that you get the sound that you have desired.

Your left hand is in charge of determining the notes that you ll be playing. This is among the hardest aspects of enjoying the violin since it may take time to learn wherever you need to be putting your hands. Each touch breadth will lead to the remarks and you should understand that you will find sharps and flats (the black a little bit a musical instrument) that you will need to think about too.

You ought to use some strain into the sequences so that you definitely get the right note and you should make use of the pad of your fingertips again. Curve your hands to create it better to only capture the strings that you really want, as opposed to the other sequences around it.

These are considered the perfect basics on how to use the violin for adults – the quicker which you practice, the more you will need to gain knowledge of. These are the toughest stuff that you might learn so that you will need to confirm that these are considered perfect before relocating onto something else.

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Violin Lessons for Beginners

Finding violin lessons for beginners is easier than more advanced lessons, at least when you’re searching for private lessons.  Your teacher doesn’t need to know as much meaning they’ll be easier to find and cheaper.  I’m not saying go for one with no formal experience if you choose this route, but you don’t need a teacher with a lot of background.

The basics are violin are quickly picked up with a little practice and in most cases you don’t need a lot of reinforcement to get them down.  In fact basics can be absorbed quite easily through video lessons.

Check Out My Top Recommendation for Violin Lessons for Beginners Online Here

This recommendation covers all of the basics, as well as intermediate to advanced lessons.  It is available for $27 currently, and the teacher is Eric Lewis of the Manhattan String Quartet.  Don’t even bother trying to get private lessons from this guy.

So, after I’ve thrust that in your face, if you’re still reading, here is the actual list of things you should want to have covered by your beginner’s violin lessons in some manner.

  1. Instrument care.  If you’re serious, you’ll be carrying your violin around with you for some time.  And even if you aren’t, a violin is an investment.
  2. Detailed instructions about how to play.
  3. Music theory – it isn’t enough to know what to play you have to know why you should be playing it
  4. You should be able to trust in the experience of the person you’re learning from.  If you don’t trust them and like their playing style, you are far less likely to follow their instructions exactly, and that may mess up your progress.
  5. They should cover how to read music if you don’t already know.

This can be a lot to expect from private lessons alone, so if you’re going that route, you may want to purchase some extra materials to help you with instrument care, music reading, and music theory.  Numbers two and four are key for during the actual lesson though.

There are some additional options to look for, but with dedication and practice you will pick up a lot of things.  You can gain an ear for music in time, or there are techniques where it can be taught more easily and more quickly.  And have you ever heard of a guarantee as to results if you practice with someone’s program or lessons before?  I haven’t with the exception of one place.

Again, Here’s My Recommendation That Covers All the Criteria and Then Some

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Teach Yourself Violin

If you want to teach yourself the violin you are either in for a wonderful experience or a bitter disappointment.  Progress is based on the diligence of both the student and the teacher, so any shortcomings you have will be amplified, just as any discipline you have will be.  In this post we’ll discuss who should learn the violin in this manner, as well as some of the best programs and resources should you choose to go this route.

In order to teach yourself violin effectively you need to be one of three things: driven, disciplined, or creative.  These are things that can’t be taught or picked up overnight, but you can get better at them.  If you aren’t good at one of these or aren’t willing to improve at them, you will inevitably fail before you reach any level of proficiency with the fiddle.

Drive is something that stems from your reason to learn.  For most, wanting to be good, cool, or simply liking the music is rarely enough.  You need a vivid image and hard reason that makes you want to learn and practice no matter what obstacles you face.  This will be different for everyone so I can’t tell you the specifics.

Discipline, when you have it, will reinforce itself.  If you lack that discipline, it will also become harder and harder to do something over time.  Discipline helps to create habits, and once playing is a habit, you no longer need to be driven.

The last option is creativity.  Suppose you have flimsy drive and poor discipline, but you still want to become good at playing violin, you can still do it if you’re creative enough.  For example, you could pay someone to lock you in an empty room with your violin a few times per week.  That way you’re either going to play or waste a lot of time and money.

Teaching yourself violin is a poor choice of words in most cases because you’re still learning from a reference or program of some sort.  The only difference is lack of someone right there with you for reinforcement and correction.

Books work okay, but they come in behind other resources.  Video programs work best because you still get the benefit of the other person’s experience and how the movements, set up, and sounds work in conjunction with each other.  Books should be additional, not a stand alone material.

I have a favoritism towards digital programs as you get more value due to the medium of delivery.  There are no additional costs that require the product to be marked up for, so you pay just for the value.

My top recommendation to start with is Violin Master Pro, which you can check out below.  It costs about $30 and is a full course for self-taught violinists.  You also get instant access to it.

Teach Yourself Violin With Violin Master Pro Here

The other thing I hear people ranting and raving about is the Suzuki Violin Method.  You can check out some of those materials below.

Learn More About Suzuki Violin Method Resources

The only other option is another digital violin program but is quickly fading in popularity.  You can learn more about it on our review homepage.

Online Violin Lessons

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Violin Bows, Questions Answered

At its most straightforward description, a violin bow is really a formed stick having some kind of material stretched between the ends to produce a type of ribbon. Musicians then utilize this tool to produce sound by running it along the strings of the violin or equivalent musical instrument. In some cultures and also with some instruments, an individual cord of material can be stretched along the ends of the violin bow. But, on the violin, different lengths of horsehair is commonly used.

Customarily, violin bows are made of a particular kind of wood. This pernambuco wood is located pretty much completely in Brazil. And additionally, the fact is, the pernambuco currently is an endangered species. So, it really is becoming more typical to see violin bows made out of Tabebuia wood and also synthetic materials ( such as fibreglass as well as graphite). What is fascinating about this is that a lot of the better made carbon fiber bows are viewed to be of the same quality as pernambuco wood.

With regards to the hair used in producing the violin bow, commonly anywhere between a hundred and fifty to 200 individual hairs are employed. Generally, this can be hair from a horse’s tail. Depending on the sound desired, black or white hair can be utilized. In inferior quality bows, plastic and also artificial hair is often utilised as opposed to horsehair.

The several other main components of a violin bow would be the frog, the grip, the thumb rest and the tip. The frog secures the horsehair ( or sythentic materials) to the bow itself. The frog is normally made out of ebony but it may also be manufactured from ornamental resources like tortoiseshell and ivory. The frog is situated near the grip on the bow. The grip of a violin bow is really what the performer utilizes to hold onto. The wrapped area of the grip is constructed from silk, wire or whalebone and then the thumb cushion is normally made from snakeskin or natural leather. Lastly, the tip plate of the violin bow is frequently made from a hard substance such as silver, bone or ivory.

The quality of a violin bow contributes a good deal to the overall sound made by the musical instrument. This means, you definitely should employ a top quality violin bow with a top quality instrument. Violin bows can range in expense from as little as $10 up to $55,000. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a great deal, take a look at some of these wonderful violin bows for sale.

Just like any other instrument (and, especially, antique musical instrument). You will find an extensive selection and many bargains on high quality instruments on the net. In reality, if you don’t live in a large metropolitan area, you will possibly not manage to find any good quality vintage or antique musical instruments with out heading on the web. If you happen to be patient and compare prices, you should be capable of finding some great deals on violin bows.

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